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OK.... Start at Kashyyyk space station, and then do the quests for the ugly fellow Eyma on the ground when instructed. You get some nice components from the earlier parts.

VERY IMPORTANT: At some point you get the choice to say "they are weak" or "they are numerous and powerful". Do NOT say weak or the quest bugs

Anyway, eventually, you will be told to go speak to the lass in the space station, or (on occasion) told to speak with your factional space station. If told to speak with factional space station and are privateer, ignore that and speak with the Kashyyyk Space Station

Anyway... the Kashyyyk station will give you a nice tough escort duty to do, and when you have done this and /comm again, you get the option of some duties or you can say "I want a challenge". Pick the challenge and you will be told to go disable an alliance corvette or whatever faction you are affiliated with Corvette.

Go to the Corvette and kill the fighters. Do not hit the Corvette and it will not hit you back (watch out for stray fire). Once this is done, simply follow the corvette until it is in 6500m out of the station you are aligned with, Rebel Station, Imperial Station or Kashyyyk space station Note: Don’t forget to way point these stations.


When you get within the 6400m distance of the station, you can disable the Corvette.

1. Pull in behind the Corvette so you are looking into the engines.

2. Target and then fire missiles at the Primary shield

3. Target and then fire missiles at the Secondary shields

4. Back off a little and target and then fire missiles (or shoot) the engines.

5. Stop your engines and wait behind the Corvette until the engines come back on line. Before the engines are online, the Corvette will agro you and they hit hard... once the engines are online you are safe and can move freely.

When shooting Corvette components, you must target them directly, but using missiles means you do not need line of sight.

When The Corvette is online, you escort it to the Kashyyyk station. The wonderful thing about using this method is that you are escorting a fully operational Capital Ship, and this thing will keep incoming fighters busy with all its weapons being operational

As you get close to the station, a gunboat may spawn. When you get the 5 tier 3 ships then you know the gunboat will be next. Just avoid it.... the Corvette will jump before it does any damage, but should it hit you then you will be in trouble. The next wave (which you would have got had you disabled the Corvette immediately upon interception) had 2 of these things and I believe the wave after has 1 or 2 as well.  Anyway... it is easy solo with missiles and a decent pilot. I have done it in a Tie Bomber with Mark III Protons, and have done it in a JSF


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