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Crafting Tools Download


Lot Management XLS allows you to keep track of your lots and resources being mined and when to visit next as well as your vendors maintenance.

Merchant Friend

After using the /mailsave command in SWG you can load those emails into this tool and see your sales and purchases.


This tool is used with the informatoin from to determine what resources you need to harvest based on the schematics that you have selected to make or by profession.

Starfighter Downloads

Agidas Pricing Tools

This tool is used to help me build your crafted ship. I still want to add the capability to add your own components to help you balance it out. But the JTLS Performance tuner is really ideal for that.
This tool is more for you to give me a special order and know the pricing of your order.

JTLPerformance Tuner

This tool is very nice and in it’s current state workable - I’m currently re-writing it to fully use C# including the forms. Enjoy this working model as it helps you determine the best load out for your star fighter.

Starfigher Comparison Charts

This is a simple XLS that allows you to assign weight factors to the ships and it will chart them to show the best ship based on the weighting factors.

Crafted Component Charts

For those that want to know the Star ship components ranges and crafting experimentation points as they affect the component.


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