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The Official YT-2400 Quest Guide
By Kindarin Chiin’Tal
Last Updated 11.12.2005

The Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2400 has been my favorite ship in the Star Wars universe since March if 1997. I had created a character for an online gaming club for Star Wars games, and that character flew his own modified version of the ship. Been fond of it ever since.

Now that it is finally in SWG, naturally I wanted to put my time in the Trials of Obi-Wan Beta towards completing the quest and getting a hold of that ship. I’d like to make it possible for others to get that ship as well, and seeing how confusing it was for me until I became determined to figure it out for myself I chose to write this guide.


This storyline is amazing, and fans of the Knights of the Old Republic series will especially get a kick out of it. BE WARNED, however...there ARE spoilers in this guide, and though I will do my best not to ruin the awesome storyline I also want to make sure the objectives are clear throughout your journey to completing this series of quests. If you want to skip spoilers, you can get by pretty well with just the waypoints I’ve provided in the guide.

Storyline Sources-

If you truly want to get the most out of this story, yet have not had the privilege of playing through Knights of the Old Republic, here are a couple links you can read through to get a crash-course:

Star Wars Databank - HK-47
Wizards of the Coast - HK-47 Profile

YT-2400 Information-

There have been a LOT of questions repeated over & over hoping for an answer about the YT-2400, so I'm hoping these facts will help you out:

The YT-2400 is certified for use in the Master Pilot box for all space-based professions.
Faction does not affect your ability to fly this ship.
The YT-2400 has two player-controlled turrets just like the other POB ships.
The YT-2400 deed will drop off of the final boss in this quest.
It is only lootable by ONE player in the group.
You loot the deed the same way you loot credits off a dead NPC.
The final fight, as well as any other dungeons in this quest, is repeatable (so everyone can go through the last fight and get an YT-2400.
The deed is for the ship itself, not a schematic for a Shipwright to use to build it.
The deed is NOT TRADEABLE to another player.

Lockout Timers for Dungeons-

Apparently since Beta testing there has been a new addition to Instanced dungeons-lockout timers. I'll update this section with a concrete number if the Developers provide it, but for my group we experienced a 60 minute lockout. Some have had only 20, others are reporting over 3 hours. I do not know if this is intentional or bugged but as I said, I'll put the concrete info here.

-Click here for Quest & Location map-

--The Beginning – Foreman Chivos, Mining Facility--

Visit Foreman Chivos in the Mustafar Mining Facility (334, -1125). Accept his mission to deliver supplies to a mining camp.
Go to the waypoint provided, and resupply the “Field Supply Locker” (-20, -3237)
Upon completion, Foreman Chivos will radio you and ask you to clean out four ventilation ducts around the Mining Facility. These are located at:
 (-7, -1587)
 (-185, -1613)
 (-277, -1647)
 (-502, -1600)
Return to Foreman Chivos and receive a new mission to locate four power core rods around the area that the Old Republic ship is being dug up.
The first three of the power cores can be found laying on the ground at:
 (136, 259)
 (146, 104)
 (137, 659)
 The fourth and final power core will be awarded to you once you have found & killed the “Salvage Bandit Chief” (roughly around (147, 130) with an approximate 2 minute respawn timer, CL80 Elite.
Return to Foreman Chivos once again to complete his part in the journey, and receive a “Miner’s Medallion” (+25 Fire Resistance necklace) as compensation for your efforts. He sends you along to Milo Mensix.

--Digging up the Past – Milo Mensix, Mining Facility--

  1. Visit Milo Mensix in the Mustafar Mining Facility (301, -1224). Accept his mission to get a working terminal up at the Old Republic ship’s dig.
  2. Head out to the ship’s detached “Bridge” (261, 23). Consult the “Working Terminal” you find there.
  3. Head to a “Damaged Terminal” (210, 286) and search it. Quest changes to trying to find four circuit boards off of Salvage Bandits…so start killing! (I’d recommend staying with the Bandits in the immediate area, seemed like they dropped them more often than other spawn areas).
  4. Return to the “Bridge” and insert the circuit boards. Take your time and read the story…fans of KOTOR should get a real kick out of this (and notice similarities). You receive a waypoint to the next part of the quest.

Kubaza Beetle Cavern- Click here for the map!

Head to the Kubaza Beetle Cavern (-724, 507; Instanced Dungeon). Make sure you bring a good group along of 8 with at least one designated healer (some have done it with less, but I don’t recommend it myself), and be prepared to have to repeat this portion—it’s very tricky.
Inside the Cave are a few things: Drone Beetles, Worker Beetles, Soldier Beetles, Lairs, and a Droid NPC...
The Droid NPC runs around the cavern setting up “Markers.”
Drone & Worker Beetles run around and destroy the “Markers”
The Droid NPC is setting up.
Lairs spawn Worker & Drone Beetles.
Soldier Beetles start coming out to harm you or the Droid NPC once you start attacking the Lairs
Basically, you will need to buy time for the Droid NPC to setup 11 “Markers” in order to make the “Beetle Foreman” (boss) appear. Once he appears, he will have a few Defender Beetles with him. There is a trick to all of this to actually make it work, though, as you only have 20 minutes to complete the mission(if you have an alternate method, let me know and I'll add it!):
 Race to the Lairs and destroy them…there are a total of four. You’re going for time, so ignore the Beetle variants as best as you can.
 Split up and kill ALL remaining Worker & Drone Beetles. Once they’re all dead, there will be no threat to the “Markers” being setup by the Droid NPC.
 Kill off Soldier Beetles as the Droid NPC does its job, escorting it from point to point with a couple of members while the remainder run ahead.
 Once all 11 “Markers” are up it will trigger the Foreman to show up.
 Attack the Defender Beetles and DO NOT TOUCH the Foreman. These guys will heal the Foreman and make it impossible for you to kill him. You can ignore the other Beetle variants while doing this, but be advised if the newly spawning Drones and Workers collide with the Foreman they will give him a Speed/Defense buff
 Once they’re down, take the Foreman out! The best thing I can say about this is make sure you've got dedicated healers on your tank, and hack away. If he manages to get a few of your teammates down, don't worry too much about it. Have your healers drag them to safety, resurrect them, and try again. The team of awesome players I had the privilege of going through the Caves (and Old Research Facility, which comes next) had four of our seven go down, and we still managed to defeat the Foreman after rezz'ing everyone.
  With the Kubaza Beetle Cavern completed, head back to the "Bridge," complete the discussion with the working Terminal and move on to the Old Research Facility.

Old Research Facility- Click here for the map!

Upon arriving at the Old Research Facility (2107, 3099; Instanced Dungeon), make sure your group is ready and head on in (this dungeon is not particularly "difficult" and able to be completed with just three to four players, but if you have the same group of eight from the previous mission you can fly through it and have a ton of fun doing it)

  1. The Old Research Facility is made up of three levels and has you running around completing a series of tasks to bring it "up and running." Upon entry, you have one hour to complete your work inside the facility.
  2. **If you happen to have Epo's "A History Lesson" quest you can complete it while you're in here…follow the steps up to step 11, run out and kill a few Droid NPCs until you receive your encryption key (watch the screen, it’s a quest-auto-loot item), and return to point “I” on the map to complete the quest.
  3. **If you have all five crystal shards from the “Fragments of the Past” quest you can complete that in here as well…follow the steps up to step 6 and in that very same room (“E” on the map) you will find a machine that can fuse the shards together to complete the quest.
  4. Now inside, head to the "Power Access Terminal" ("A" on the map) and activate.
  5. Head down to level two and retrieve the "Access Key Card" from the chest ("B" on the map).
  6. Open the door with the newly received keycard to room 2-QC and continue through to inspect the "Journal Screen" ("C" on the map).
  7. Continue on the same level to security room and access the "Security Console" ("D" on the map).
  8. Head down to level three and straight into the newly-unlocked room 3-GS and access the "Ventilation System" ("E" on the map).
  9. Run into the now-open power core, pause a moment to stare and grin. It's awesome to see. Then close your mouth and run to the "Air Filtration System" ("F" on the map). Be particularly careful in this area as CL87 Elites and plenty of creatures are here, and it is VERY easy to become overrun. I recommend pulling the first two Elites into the core room before going in.
  10. With the air filtration working now, head to the next room to grab the "Spare Computer Parts" from the box ("G" on the map). BE CAREFUL GOING IN, this will be your first boss battle...CL87 Gold boss creature. Get your tank in quick, don't bother with Armor Break (it’s immune to it), and heal like mad. Shouldn't be too tough.
  11. With the Spare Parts in hand race on up to the first level again, fighting through the respawned droids & creatures (pretty quick respawn rate in here).
  12. Head through level one's power core, take out the CL 87 Elite Guardian droid, and get ready for another boss fight almost identical to the last (same deal, just different creature model).
  13. Select "Install spare parts" on the Main Systems Terminal ("H" on the map) and then reboot the same terminal...just to be told to get to terminal Delta-5!
  14. Head to the second level's power core room to find terminal Delta-5 ("J" on the map). Take your time reading, and once you receive your quest update converse with the terminal again for a little laugh.
  15. With the Old Research Facility completed, you're now on your way to the Droid Factory on the eastern portion of the map.

Decrepit Droid Factory- Click here for the map!

Pulling up to the Decrepit Droid Factory (3410, -997; Instanced Dungeon), be mindful of the occasionally spawning CL88 "CWW Class Eradicator" that likes to wander around the front doors. This place REQUIRES at the absolute very least four group members, as it is the first dungeon (I've seen) that has team-based puzzles in it.
To enter, ignore the terminals on either side of the doors and simply activate the radial menu for the Blast Doors, hover over "open" and then select "Decrepit Droid Factory" above it. Then assemble your group and head in!
Once inside get ready for a good load of combat right off the bat...head to Access panel ("A" on the map) to open the door, and then run counter-clockwise around the room destroying the CL83 Elite Droid NPCs that line the walls (three on each of the room's four walls).
Stage a single group member at each of the three Code terminals ("B-1," "B-2," "B-3" on the map), and another at the Access terminal ("C" on the map). Here's the deal:
Each Code terminal gives you two numbers out of six total numbers in the code (i.e., Al gets "22XXXX" and Bob gets "XX07XX".
The second the first one is accessed, they all countdown from 10 seconds and then reset the code.
The lucky player at the Access terminal has to hit the stuff in on the panel in time.
NOTE: SO....taking lag in chat into consideration (and making sure Access terminal-player knows who is giving what 2 numbers), get everyone in position and start by having the player at the Code terminal with the first 2 digits of the code say "go," and report their 2. Do it quickly and no worries, you can move on to my favorite part (/sarcasm).
Fight your way through to the Security room and you will find yet another Access terminal ("D" on the map), and two Sensor panels ("E-1" & "E-2" on the map). This puzzle was particularly painful for my group to go through, so give a moment pause in memory of that bloodshed for this:
The Sensor panels have two options in sequence. First, you "Obstruct" it. Open the radial again and you "Separate" it. FORGET THE SEPERATE is a trick.
If you use the Access terminal too early, too late, or just for fun three CL83 Elite Droid NPCs will spawn in the room. Every...single...time.
To unlock the door and progress, you must disable the sensors and access the terminal before the Sensor panels reset (seems to be 3-5 seconds, though I'm leaning on 3 seconds).
NOTE: The solution to this is to have one player sitting in front of a Sensor panel, ready to go. Second one access BOTH the Sensor panel and Access terminal. Increase your Field of View in the graphics options if you need to, but have the double-tasker keep both items in view and when ready say "Go". Guaranteed, you will not be able to finish saying "Go," access "Obstruct" on the Sensor panel and use the Access terminal before your partner does his one measly duty and've got yourself and open door.
Fight your way on through, keeping an eye out for the CL85 Super Battle Droid gold bosses ("F" on the map) and wipe out the droids in the "Flame Room" ("Flames!" on the map...and no, it's not really called this but you get the pleasure of lighting on fire and staying that way for the moment so tell your Docs not to bother trying to smother the flames).
The first circular room attached to the "Flame Room" has an Access terminal in it ("G" on the map), and the second has "Environmental Control" ("H" on the map) in it. What worked best for my group was I asked one of the players to go straight for the Environment controls while I ran to unlock that door. By the time I was in the room unlocking the door, the rest of the group was engaging and the designated player was shutting off the flames. We engaged, the Doc put out the flames, and all was good.
Run on through the remainder of the map, wiping out resistance as you see it. It is pretty straightforward from here on, and once you come to the Power Generator ("I" on the map), switch it on. A "Droid Facility Guardian" will spawn back on the catwalk, still a CL85 SBD gold boss (though this one is immune to armor break). Kill him and mission complete!
If you don't feel like waiting for five minutes to get kicked from the dungeon, access the door terminal ("J" on the map), run into the room and use the terminal to leave ("K" on the map).

The Enemy Revealed-

  1. 1.Head on back to the Old Research Facility (2107, 3099) but don't only need to pull up by the front door, don't even bother getting off of your vehicle. A screen will pop-up to reveal who the TRUE enemy is (if you have played Knights of the Old Republic OR read the HK-47 link I posted above you should really have figured this out by now), and you receive a quest update.
  2. 2.Head back to the Mining Facility and report your findings to Milo Mensix (301, -1224). He will point you to the next big task of the quest.

The Koseyet Mining Camp-

Report to the "Mustafarian Scout" (3430, -3130) with your full group. This is a very tough fight, so make sure everyone is ready for the hardest combat you have seen so far in this quest. When ready, have your Group Leader speak to the NPC to be sent to the Koseyet Mining Camp (Instanced Dungeon).
Upon arrival, speak to the Foreman NPC to let him know you are ready, and he will direct you down the hill to another camp. Make use of your time wisely here, for the Droid Army will be attacking fairly quickly.
From here things will get tricky, and there are multiple ways to complete this...this place is 100% strategy to complete, so having a strong leader (namely Squad Leader/Officer) will help a LOT. Here are the facts:
There are two bases, the main base and the forward base. The Droid will need to destroy the power generator in the forward base before attacking the main base. When the forward base's generator is destroyed, your group will suffer a debuff for 15 minutes (-100 melee & ranged defense, -10 to speed).
You have two hours to complete this mission, so take your time. You must kill every single droid NPC in order to complete the mission, then speaking with the Foreman once done. The person who brought you into the instance must be the one to speak with him. You cannot allow the Droids to destroy the final gates or you fail the mission.
You can pick up Demolition Charges from the ground and set these around wherever you like. They will create a detonator item in your inventory; double-click it to set the charge off. I myself never had much luck using these as it can be hard to get them right where they need to be and set them off quickly. Apparently Commandos setting the charges result in double damage.
You can talk to two different Mustafarian NPCs near the forward base, and have two options...follow & deploy. I myself deployed them where they stand as it helped hold the agro off in the first hour or so of the assault.
HK-88 droids will spawn in Platoon, with Platoon Leaders leading them. Always kill these first. (CL80 Elite)
Hammer, Reaper, and Sentry droids will spawn (all CL83 Gold) randomly and typically by themselves. Unless your group's current target is about to die, drop what you are doing and take these out as they hit HARD.
At a certain point in time "The Droid Commander" will take the field and you will see this sprawl on your screen as a system message. I highly recommend pulling back and regrouping at this point. Once ready, launch a full-on assault on the Droid Commander as best you can...once you kill him your group will get a buff for +100 melee & ranged defense, 10 speed.
Again, take your time. Two hours is a long time to complete this.
For my group, I setup the Mustafarian troops at the forward base and lay the charges, and then we ran out and took out Platoons as best we could. Typically we ended falling back to the forward base as time went on, pulling back when the Droid Commander spawned. We raced in and killed him, then picked off the remaining forces (which are substantial) until we were done.
Once completed, you have to go shut off the very same Droid Factory from before.

Operational Droid Factory-Map Coming Soon!!

  1. Upon arrival at the Operational Droid Factory (3410, -997; Instanced Dungeon), you'll notice two terminals on either side of the entrance platform. EVERYONE WITH THE QUEST must perform step 2 to proceed in their quest (it will not automatically update their journal if they do not).
  2. Check the Systems terminal (looking at the doors it is on the right side of the ramp), then read through the log entries on the data pad you receive and look for the code to open the blast doors. If you're a Smuggler, you can slice the code.
  3. Go to the Door Controls on the left side of the ramp, and enter the code. When ready, head inside.
  4. You'll notice this looks's the exact same place as before (other than some furniture changes). The fights are fierce and take some brains in here, however, so keep on your toes.
  5. First thing first, split your group up into two teams and designate a possible "runner" on each team. You'll see two Droid NPCs, "Aurek" ("A" on the map) and "Besh." ("B" on the map). The trick to these guys is both must die within 10 seconds of one another, or they respawn. If you have TeamSpeak I highly recommend using it here so you can keep a damage update running during the fight. Send each group after one another and keep each other informed as you hit the tens on hitpoints (60, 50, 40, etc). If one team is doing better than the other, have the runner race over to the other team to help out. Once complete you receive the key to move on.
  6. Use the terminal ("C" on the map) and work your way to the "Inhibitor Storage" ("D" on the map). Now designate who will be your "runner" for this, ideally someone who doesn't do too much damage. Then push on to Devastator (CL88 Gold, "E" on the map).
  7. To defeat Devastator, your runner will have to pick up "Inhibitor Rods" from map point "D", run into the room everyone is fighting in and place it into the energy systems terminal ("F" on the map). Race back up to "D", wait for the system message saying the system is humming, and grab another rod and go. This is the only way to keep the Devastator’s health regen low enough to defeat him. Remainder of the group just hits the Droid as hard as they can.
  8. With Devastator devastated, the next objective is the "Master Droid Engineer" ("G" on the map). When you enter the room the fight will start, so be ready beforehand.
  9. Now this is a nasty fight, though you can get past it as long as you work together. Once you start fighting the MDE, Droids will be spawning all over the room (Blastromechs, Assassin Droids, etc.). Have your best tank run around and keep agro on them as long as they can while the rest of the group pummels the "Master Droid Engineer." Once the MDE is killed, have the entire group race out of the room and the long train of agro will follow you. If you're lucky enough to have them drop the agro (we had no such luck), then just repeat what you did earlier on the new boss that has spawned, "Fixer." We kept the agro, killed all the Droids and then had a nice and calm fight with "Fixer" in our time through, so if possible I recommend that tactic.
  10. Now comes the tough part of this place...Doombringer ("H" on the map), the Radiation Tubes ("J" on the map), and the Hands of Doom ("I" on the map). Whomever was your runner before, have them race ahead to meet with HK-47 ("K" on the map) while the group readies themselves. Once close enough it will activate the fight, so the runner should hold off until the groups is ready.
  11. Basically, the Radiation Tubes in the middle is your ticking time-bomb. If those are destroyed, you will all die. The Hands of Doom are basically stand-by Droid chassis' that will randomly turn into Doombringer. Best thing to do is have one person stand in front of each droid, the remaining people being your hardest hitters who will roam through the room to hit whichever Droid is currently Doombringer. The second your Droid becomes Doombringer, you want to hit it to keep it's agro off of the Radiation Tubes in the middle. It's not an easy fight.

***And that's where I am right now everyone. NGE is coming on Tuesday so that may either speed up or slow down the rest of this quest...we'll see. I'll do my best to adapt the guide for any changes needed from the NGE.


I'd like to send a very special thanks to the following players:
These guys took time out of their schedule to help me out in completing this quest during Beta, keeping me alive and we all had a great time doing it! One of the best groups I've ever had the privilege to work with.
10.12.2005 - Initial guide posted up through start of Kubaza Beetle Cavern
10.13.2005 - Layout changes; Completed Kubaza Cavern through Old Research Facility
10.14.2005 - Completed layout changes; Inserted links to KBC & ORF maps
10.14.2005 - Added first portion of the Droid Factory
10.15.2005 - Completed DF quest; KMC intro added; ORF & KBC map font changes; Added door terminals & enemies to ORF map; Added HK-47 info links; Added planet map
10.16.2005 - Added the DF map
10.25.2005 - Added Guide to Live Forums; Added YT-2400 information at top of guide
10.26.2005 - Clarified DF entrance procedure; Clarified Main System Terminal use on ORF; Added Lockout Timer information
10.30.2005 - Completed KMC info; Added ODF title; Updated DF title
11.12.2005 - KMC guide finished; 90% of ODF completed


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