Jedi Starfighter Quest

Kimogila Starfighters Support Group


Inspect Item: rebellion data item (looted from Pile of Bones at -3973 -67 [Dathomir]) -- Reward: Jedi star fighter (Eta-2 Actis interceptor, 3.4k imperial faction)
Imperial Combatant Only
Part 1: Turn data disk in to Admiral Krieg, Kachirho star port (-673 -203 /way -670 -114)
Part 2: Escort the AT-ST back to base. defend against the rebel attack (3 rebel scout NPCs level 25)
Part 3: Defend against the rebel attack. Kill the rebel commandos, rebel troopers, and Wookiee freedom fighters (level 25)
Part 4: Meet with the scout troopers in the Dead Forest (274 -26)
Defeat the rebels: kill a rebel officer, a rebel trooper, and a rebel medic. levels 14-25
Part 5: Speak with Darth Vader (/way -676 -228). He wants you to eliminate the rebel invasion fleet. Meet the imperial attack fleet,
Destroy the rebel attack force (tier 3 and 4, X-Wings), then rendezvous with the bomber fleet, and destroy the rebel troop transports and gunboats (Destroy the gunboats first)


Constructed by Agida Iwo-Sse
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