ARC-170 Fighter (Rebel & Non-RSF Pilots Only)

Kimogila Starfighters Support Group


1. Talk to the Queen in the Theed Palace, Naboo.

2. Goto Kasyyyk. Head east from Kachiro to find "Dirrlim" the Wookie (He is about midway between Kachrio and the Rodian Camp).

3. After you talk to Dirrlim, head to the main Trandoshan Slaver Camp (the one with the ship parked up on the hill).

4. Look for a Wookie begging for help and talk (Grrallo). Make sure your on-leave, and head to the Imperial Prison, Dathomir.

5. Talk to the Wookiees at the prison, then have them follow you to the waypoint they give you.

6. Get to one of the Starports on Dathomir and launch your ship.

7. Guard the Wookies who are next to you in their ARC-170 from a wave of 8 TIE fighters attacking.

8. Return to the Queen in Theed. - You will receive the "ARC-170 Fighter Deed"


Constructed by Agida Iwo-Sse
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